Real Estate Rentals – About us

Real Estate Rentals began as an idea discussed by a group of successful property investors, unhappy with the traditional property management services available to them. Traditional property management services, usually provided by real estate agents as an add on to their core sales business, consider the property as the focus of the task based property management service – find a tenant, carry out routine inspections, disburse rent, issue monthly statements – you know what it looks like.

This group of investors knew that an efficient task based property management service was one of the foundations of successful property investing, but they wanted a property management service that delivered more than just great service – a service that was also focused on their broader investment needs and understood that their properties were stops along the way on their investment journey not their investment destination.  A property management service that understood that, whether they owned a single investment property or had built a large investment portfolio, they ran a business and that the key to their business success was maximising the net return from their properties.

The Real Estate Group

From this initial idea, the Real Estate Group was born. The Real Estate Group was created to provide a complete and seamless range of property investment services to investors. The Real Estate Group consists of three integrated businesses:

  • Real Estate Wealth – our property investment advisory service
  • Real Estate Buyers – our buyers and sellers advocacy service
  • Real Estate Rentals – our property management service

Whether you own a single investment property or are an experienced investor with a large portfolio, the Real Estate Group provides a 360 degree property investment service, to assist you to develop your investment strategy, to purchase investment grade properties that dovetail into your investment strategy and to manage those properties over your investment timeframe, to ensure that you maximise your net return.  If you have developed your investment strategy or have already acquired a large portfolio, Real Estate Rentals can still provide you with a stand alone property management service.

Real Estate Rentals service

As a client of Real Estate Rentals, you will receive:

  • professional property managers
  • an in depth understanding of your needs as a property investor
  • great communication
  • market leading investment results
  • alignment of our success with yours

This is what our customers refer to as the ‘Real Estate Rentals difference’. It is not just talk, Real Estate Rentals is different because it was imagined differently and created with different goals. Not as an add on to a real estate business but as a tool to help investors meet their property investment goals.

Understanding your needs

At Real Estate Rentals, our property managers receive not only property management training but property investment training and they have an in depth understanding of your needs because they are either property investors themselves or are in the process of acquiring investment property.

Great communication

As a specialist property management business, we believe that effective communication is key to our business. We have designed our business for online service delivery, as it allows us to more effectively communicate with you and allows you to communicate with us in a way that suits you, when it suits you. Additionally, by focusing our business on providing effective, convenient communication channels, it gives us more time to be out of the office looking after your properties and working to understand your business!!

Focus on your success

Because we are not a real estate agency, we don’t do sales, which means that we don’t profit if your investment under performs and you decide to sell – we just lose you as a very valuable client!  We’re motivated because our success is aligned with your success!

Find out more

We would love to tell you more about our business and the Real Estate Rentals difference. Give us a call today – contact us here – or fill in the form on the right and we will be in touch within the next 24 hours to find out how we could help you to achieve your property investment goals.