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Like everything else at Real Estate Rentals, paying your rent is simple: you can pay your rent by direct transfer to our trust account (our trust account details are set out in your welcome letter and in your General Tenancy Agreement), deduction from your pay or by using our DEFT Payment System.

If you choose to use our DEFT Payment System, you can pay your rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using whichever method suits you best.  You can pay online, over the phone or at no cost to you by using BPAY!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below and download our DEFT How to Guide here!

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Getting started with DEFT

Your DEFT Reference Number is the unique number that Real Estate Rentals provided to you on your DEFT which was included in your Tenancy Startup Kit.
To set up your profile over the internet, go to and select “Start Now” and follow the prompts.

To set up your profile over the phone, call 1800 67 21 62 (+61 2 8245 4177 from outside Australia).

No, you can make a one off credit card payment over the internet and phone without setting up a profile. Payers who set up a profile will:

  1. have a wider choice of payment methods including direct debit and credit card
  2. have greater flexibility to set up future dated and recurring payments, as well as a pay now option
  3. have access to view their payment history, including the ability to print receipts
Yes, however each person will need to set up their own profile with DEFT.

Making a payment

DEFT payments may be made by:

  • credit card and direct debit using the DEFT website
  • the DEFT automated phone payment service (1300 30 10 90 or +61 2 8232 7395 from outside Australia)
  • by BPAY.
To make a payment over the internet:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password on the home page and select “Login”
  3. Select “Make a payment” and follow the prompts
To make a one off payment from your registered profile account or credit card, dial 1300 30 10 90 (+61 2 8232 7395 from outside Australia) and follow the prompts.
BPAY payments are made through your financial institution’s phone or internet banking service, quoting BPAY Biller Code 4481 and your DEFT Registration Number.

If your financial institution doesn’t offer BPAY you can still pay by phone or internet using DEFT Phone pay and DEFT Online.

Once you set up your profile to use DEFT, payments over the internet from your bank account or credit card can be once off, future dated or recurring. Recurring BPAY payments may be able to set up through your financial institution.
When your payment has been submitted for processing you will receive a schedule ID. If you have set up a future dated or recurring payment, you receive a schedule ID. DEFT will generate a payment receipt number on the date your payment is processed. Please check “Payment history” to confirm the status of your payment.

Credit card payments will appear in “Payment history” as either “Approved” or “Declined” on the date processed by DEFT.

Payments from your bank account will appear in your “Payment history” with a status of “Submitted” on the date it is processed by DEFT. The payment will not be authorised until your financial institution accepts or dishonours the payment, which can take up to four business days. If your payment is not accepted by your bank, the status will change to “Dishonoured”.

To find out why your payment was dishonoured, please contact your financial institution.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your payment is successful and Real Estate Rentals receives your payment.

Generally, successfully processed payments will be received by Real Estate Rentals on the next business day if the payment is made prior to the relevant business day cut-off time and within 2 business days for any payments made after the relevant business day cut-off time. DEFT payment cut-off times are:

  • 5.00pm (AEST) for payments from your bank account
  • 7.00pm (AEST) for American Express and Diners Club
  • 9.30pm (AEST) for MasterCard and Visa.

Fees and charges

When using the DEFT website, any fees and charges that are applicable to your payment will be clearly displayed prior to your payment confirmation.  A complete list of payment fees and charges are displayed on the Welcome page after logging in with your username and password and on the payment page if you are making a one off credit card payment.

  • DEFT Online and DEFT Phonepay:
    • if you pay by credit card a surcharge will apply
    • if you pay from your transaction account a convenience fee of $0.85 cents will apply
  • BPAY:
    • if you pay by BPAY through your financial institution, no fees apply
A fee may apply if your financial institution dishonours a payment. To find out why a payment was dishonoured please contact your financial institution.

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RE Rentals did a great job of transferring my property from my previous manager. The whole process was stress free and done in a couple of days. The difference in communication from RE Rentals has made owing an investment property so much easier. Thanks to the RE Rentals team.
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