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Real Estate Rentals is part of the Real Estate Group, which assists property investors to build wealth through property. The Real Estate Group helps investors build wealth by:

  • helping you to develop a property investment strategy
  • helping you to acquire investment grade properties that fit with your investment strategy
  • managing your investments

Because we take a holistic approach to investing, we don’t see the management of your rental property as an add-on service like many real estate agents.  Most agents see their property investor clients as a great source of lucrative sales listings, as they know that the average investor only ever owns one investment property and will usually sell it within five years.

At Real Estate Rentals, we know that a large part of the reason that most investors don’t go on to acquire two, three and four properties is that their first property is poorly managed and under performs, leading to headaches and financial hardship.  We are different, we don’t do sales, so we don’t make any money if you decide to sell your property.  Our success is aligned with your success, if your property is performing well, you are unlikely to become one of those average investors – it’s a win win!!

Our goal is to professionally manage your property and ensure that it performs well – which means that it is rented for the maximum achievable rent, has the lowest possible vacancy rate, no arrears and your asset is taken care of.  We hope that our professional management will earn us your trust and give us the opportunity to show you how the other parts of the Real Estate Group business could help you to hone your property investment strategy and build your portfolio!!

We will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours to discuss how we can assist you to make your investment journey a success!!

If your also interested in our other services, please check our our advisory and buyers agency business.

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