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Do you find it difficult to know whether your rental property is performing as well as it should? Are you an investor who has built a portfolio but are finding it difficult to continue to grow? You’re not alone.

Most of us have taken the daunting step of acquiring investment property in the hope that it we will secure our financial future. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different – many investors only ever own one property and more than half will sell within the first 5 years – usually because the poor financial results are not worth the stress! The No. 1 cause of poor financial results and stress is your property being rented for less than its current market rent. This happens for a variety of reasons but always involves a property manager not knowing or not clearly communicating with you what your property should rent for and what strategies you should use to get, or even exceed, that rent.

You really need to know!! And if your property manager is not already telling you, they’re not going to start now – they’re just going to tell you that the rent you’re currently getting is the best you can get at the moment!! But you need to know and finding out is easy – our rental experts are waiting to give you a quick, easy, completely free and, most importantly of all, independent opinion on what your property should be renting for right now.

Don’t be one of the investors who never moves past one property or worst still who gets sick of the stress and sells – you bought your property for a reason – to secure your financial future. Find out what it should be renting for today!

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Why do most property investors fail to achieve their financial goals?

Their properties are under performing!

What is the No. 1 cause of a property investment under perfoming?

Property managers allowing properties to be rented for less than market rent!

How can I tell if my property is being rented for less than market rent?

The only way you can know for sure is to get a quick, easy, FREE and completely independent rental appraisal today!!

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Free Rental Appraisal

Ask us for a quick, easy FREE and, most importantly of all, independent opinion of the market rent for your property.


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RE Rentals did a great job of transferring my property from my previous manager. The whole process was stress free and done in a couple of days. The difference in communication from RE Rentals has made owing an investment property so much easier. Thanks to the RE Rentals team.
Paul Tully
Thanks guys!! I really appreciate the quick (and patient) advice over the last few weeks. We have signed the new property up and will settle in early May! Add another one to your list!!!
Kieren Davis